Rhubarb Wine

Rhubarb Wine

This is not my work but I wanted to share it because it looks fabulous and I want to try it. Once I get established in our new home, I am going to grow my own rhubarb just so I can make my own wine 😀

Here is the link to this fabulous idea!




If any of you get around to making this before I do, please post about it here in the comments.

Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo Burgers

So, the other day at Winco I found some yellow tag meats in one of the cold cases and at first was like hmmm what is this? So I picked it up and saw the price was $3.15 on the yellow tag so I looked for the original price and saw $8.89! The label said ground bison. I thought hmmm. Ground bison. I always heard buffalo was amazing and for $3.15 a lb I think it is a smokin deal! So I grabbed four pounds of it.  I found a good price on Jimmy Dean sausages, too. So, yep, I grabbed four of those, too! Four is a lucky number for me. I like four. It may be an OCD thing. Anyway, I invited a friend over the other day to share my bounty of buffalo meat. Here is what I did:

I took my four pounds of meat and one pound of the sage flavor Jimmy Dean’s sausage and mixed em up. I dumped in a bunch of onion powder and some of that super yummy garlic rub they have Winco right now in bulk and mixed it all up.

Here is the kicker! I shredded Gouda cheese and stuffed my burgers with it! MMMMMM!!!!! Once all that was done, I threw em on the grill for about 5 minutes per side then put em on the buns with all the fixins! Even bacon and avocado! This girl knows how to eat!

That bison meat is well worth every dang red cent of that $9.00 per pound I didn’t have to pay! Oh ya, and I made spaghetti with the leftover meat cuz I still have about two pounds left even after feeding seven people. That spaghetti… BOMB!

One day when all the kids are at camp and you want to have a date night with your honey and you wanna fix up something you can’t usually afford, I highly recommend bison meat! I’m really sorry I have no picture for this blog. I ate the burger before I could get my phone out.

Better Than Store-Bought Refried Beans! And Cheaper!

Better Than Store-Bought Refried Beans! And Cheaper!

It is really hard for me to justify spending a dollar on a can of refried beans when I can buy a couple of pounds of dry beans for less than 2 dollars and end up with three quarts of them only mine taste better and I know what’s in them. I had a bag of pintos lying around today so I thought I’d do em up since I didn’t have any cans.

Here’s what I did:

I dumped em into the pan and covered em with water and brought them to a boil.


I shut off the stove but left the pan on the burner. They sat on the stove for a bit after that, maybe an hour. Then I dumped in some dehydrated onions (don’t be shy), and dried oregano, butter (bout a half stick) and Himalayan salt for flavor. I dumped 8 cups of water in and stirred then brought that all back up to a boil. I turned the heat down to med low or low and covered the pan and let em cook a good 3-4 hours until they were soft enough to smash with a hand masher.

I prefer my beans to be smooth so I put them through the food processor and while they ran I added a pinch or two of celery salt and a few more pinches of onion powder. I actually tend to use a lot of onion powder. I love that stuff.

refried beans

bagged beans

Bag em up and toss em in the freezer. Viola! Delicious homemade refried beans made with all healthy ingredients. I think these can also be dehydrated for non freezer storage if you have dehydrator mats. I might try it myself and see how it goes and then I’ll update this blog with the results.

Cost of beans $1.60

Cost of butter $0.38