Pepper Jelly on the 4th of July

Pepper Jelly on the 4th of July


How about some fireworks in your mouth! My pepper jelly is always a hit at the parties. Today I made a bunch! The sweet and spicy of the jelly mixed with the creamy of cream cheese and the crunchy of your favorite cracker makes for a perfect balance of delicious in your mouth! Here is what I did:

Finely chop three red bell peppers, two green bell peppers and 10 jalapeno peppers. I find the recipe sets up best when I do the chopping by hand as opposed to using a food processor. This is the longest part. Toss em all into a bowl. Measure out 4 cups of the peppers. Set aside. Measure out 1 cup of cider vinegar and 5 cups of sugar. Get one 1.75 oz size pectin ready (I prefer no-sugar pectin since everything I use that with sets up so nicely but you can use regular too).

Get your jars ready. I always have three pints and one half pint worth of jelly when all is said and done so whatever combination of jars works for you. My next batch I will use all half pints cuz I know some people who want some of this jelly. I want to be able to give some away but when you are all finished after all the work it took to get JUST THREE PINTS a person just doesn’t wanna give a whole bunch of this gold away. ūüôā

Okay, get your canner ready. Put it on high heat. It needs to be boiling by the time you are ready for the water bath part.

Okay, so, Toss the peppers into a large pot with the cider vinegar and pectin and bring to a boil stirring continuously.


Add the sugar and bring it back to a boil stirring continuously.


Let it boil for 60 seconds then remove from heat. Using a food funnel (if you don’t have one no worries just clean the rim of the jar with a damp rag when you are finished) ladle jelly into hot jars leaving an inch of head room. Wipe any mess that may have been left on the rim and add lids. Ring jars, tightening just slightly.

Process in water bath for five minutes. Use jar tongs to take the jars out of the water and set on cooling racks or dish towel to cool. The tops should pop within a few minutes. Check seal in twelve hours.


The peppers may have gathered at the top. Just stir it all together before pouring over cream cheese. I have a friend who cooks her chicken in this jelly and makes sort of an asian dinner out of it. I suppose there are a million things that could be done with this jelly. Oh ya, I put it on a homemade sausage egg MacMuffin once. Hubby thought it was amazing!

What could you do with this?


Happy canning!

Cheap Delicious Fresh Salsa

Cheap Delicious Fresh Salsa

Tis the season for the best stuff of summer to be getting cheaper and more abundant! Yay! My favorite time of year! I had a hankerin’ for salsa today so here is what I did:

I got my prep cook:

stir fry9

She cut the tomatoes since my eczema is acting wonky today. We used about ten of them I think. Then I cut the onion and the jalapeno and the cilantro. We then tossed it all into the food processor.


Added some lime (I am not shy about the lime!) and some salt. As you can see in the pic, that is a lot of salt. You can use less. (I recommend it.) I added a butt load more tomatoes (hence ten) to take out the saltiness. So That much salt is good for about two batches. Maybe add a little and taste it till you find how you like it.

Turn on the processor.


Pour into a bowl and enjoy.

unnamed (9)

If you have never made your own salsa before, it’s really all about your own taste preference. Make adjustments as needed. Salsa is usually pretty forgiving. It is easy to fix and adjust.

I took some of this salsa (since I had to make so much) and put it in the freezer. I know most people can their¬†salsa but I wanna see how it thaws and if this is something I can make in huge batches of to save. I don’t like the idea of canning because that cooks the salsa which defeats the concept of “fresh” salsa; not that frozen is “fresh” but it’s not cooked. I will update the blog on how it turns out.

I should also say, I used one single jalapeno for all of this salsa. My mouth is very warm!. Winco sells these monstrosities they label as jalapenos but they are huge! Not like any jalapeno I have ever seen! I suppose I could have gotten away with half of one!


Frozen fresh salsa thawed, tastes just fine, however is a bit thin and watery.