Stuffed Deer Burgers

Stuffed Deer Burgers

The hubby brought home some deer meat the other day and I thought for a long time about how to fix it because it’s deer meat; a very rare delicacy for us. I didn’t want to just throw it in some spaghetti or stroganoff. I wanted to do something special with it. 

Perhaps you recall my beer can breakfast burgers from quite a while ago. I thought it would be a good idea to do something like that. Instead of doing them that way, though, I decided to stuff them since the meat didn’t really want to hold a shape. 

Here is what I did:

I had my girls help me with quite a bit of the prep work because there was A LOT! Where I live we have a Grocery Outlet where I find all kinds of great cheese I can’t find anywhere else. They also have a fabulous selection of sausages. Here are the ones I selected for my stuffed burgers:

The sausages below were a tomato basil chicken sausage. (Writing this blog was an after thought so in the interest of keeping a clean kitchen, some of the labels and wrappers got tossed). Minced them all. I used just one link from each package. 

This was the tomato basil pesto cheese. This had a nice sharp taste with a really smooth texture and lots of Italian seasonings. I grated this finely. 
I chopped the Gouda super small. 


I started with a package of cream cheese and mixed in the tomato pesto cheese and Gouda. All three minced sausages, cooked and crumbled bacon and minced red peppers. Oh and minced garlic and some basil. 


White onion, red pepper and minced garlic. I sautéed them in bacon grease and butter. (I was going to cut the onion into rings and the pepper into strips but the person in charge of cutting missed that instruction hence the varying shapes and sizes lol). 


I used 2 pounds of deer meat and mixed in this sausage.  I used this sausage because the grocery outlet didn’t have any other breakfast style sausage. 

So make a patty and put the filling in the center. Cover the filling with more meat and pull up the sides to seal it. I cooked them until the thermometer read 140 turning only one time. 

At Safeway, all the buns were too much money so I figured if I gotta pay an arm and a leg I might as well get something fancy so I went with cheddar rolls. They were a bit bigger than the burger but they were tasty and filling! 

Turns out I had a bunch of filling left over. Hubby will be having that tomorrow for lunch with crackers. Nom! 


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