Beer Can Breakfast Burgers?? Are you kidding?

Beer Can Breakfast Burgers?? Are you kidding?

I have been seeing these beer can burgers all over my Facebook page since I joined my smoking group and I couldn’t wait to try them. The other day, while shopping at Winco, I came across a smokin deal on ground pork and swiped it all up. Now I have a freezer full of pork and not sure what to do with it all. Then I got to thinkin. Every time I get to thinkin, I end up blogging lol. I thought, what if I made some breakfast beer can burgers. Hey! That actually sounds really good! I had some breakfast sausage flavor up in the cupboard I could throw into the ground pork to make it sausage and then… Here is what I did:

2 lbs ground pork

2 TBSP sausage seasoning (could have been more)

Before going any further, I took a little piece of the sausage and threw it into a pan until it was cooked through and tasted it to make sure there was enough seasoning in it. I’ll look around and see if I can find the sausage seasoning recipe and post it here. It makes about a year’s worth or better. Anyway, once the flavor was right I started putting it all together.

I balled up some of the pork and pushed a cup into it then pushed the pork up the sides of the cup so it formed a sort of bowl. I would have used a beer can but I didn’t have one so I improvised πŸ™‚ then I wrapped a strip of bacon around the pork and gently pushed the whole thing off the cup. This was tricky. It took a little dexterity to get the meat back off the cup. I cold beer would have been better for this part. Anyway, after getting the meat off the cup I messed with it for a minute to make sure the “bowl” was formed then I set each one on a piece of folded foil and then onto a cookie sheet. I added a little ball (you can use a cube or shredded) cheese to the middle. In a bowl I mixed up about 6 eggs, turns out I only needed about 5 but no worries, my kids ate the leftovers πŸ™‚

Into the eggs I poured some cooked onions, red/green bell peppers and garlic and whisked but not too much. You don’t want to beat the eggs too much they will fluff up. While fluffy eggs are lovely, not so much for this project. Pour that mixture into the sausage bowls and they are ready for the smoker.

breakfast burgerbreakfast burgers 3

I smoked them for about an hour or so between 200-300 degrees. The temp was at 200 when I put them on but it rose to 300 by the end which was fine.

on the smoker

Then I finished them on the grill. When I set them up onto the grill, they were still pretty soft so I left the foil for a few minutes while they cooked and once they were a little more sturdy I took the foil off to finish them up.

all finished

I used a meat thermometer to check the centers of them for doneness and pulled them at 160 degrees.

I personally do not eat eggs so my kids were the guinea pigs. They have given me rave reviews on this one. I hope you all try it and it works out well for you, too! I can’t wait to try new combinations!

feature image breakfast burger

As a little extra bonus, you could plop these bad boys right between an English muffin! Mmmmm!

I think it was this recipe I used for the seasoning:


– 8 or 9 tsp. dried sage
– 7 or 8 tsp. salt
– 4 tsp. black pepper
– 4 T. brown sugar*
– 1/2 to 1 tsp. ground cloves
– dash of some pepper: paprika, chili powder, cayenne

  1. Measure out your spices.
  2. Dump them in a bowl.
  3. Whisk them together.
  4. Store in a labeled container.
  5. Use 4 tsp. of the mix per pound of meat.

You can find more on her blog atΒΒ 


One thought on “Beer Can Breakfast Burgers?? Are you kidding?

  1. Ooh…I feel some inspiration coming on! I’ve never heard of beer can burgers at all, so this has my wheels spinning. Glad you liked the spice mix; it’s been a winner in my house for a long time now. Seriously – this creation looks delicious! Thanks for the idea! πŸ™‚

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