Scrumptious Red Pepper Hummus

Scrumptious Red Pepper Hummus

Yes I am stealing this recipe from another blogger. I am hoping mine turns out as wonderfully as the picture looks on their blog. Who doesn’t love hummus?? It is the most amazing versatile spread or dip on the planet and the flavor combinations are endless! You can make any flavor hummus you want! Today I am making my own so I know what goes into it and what I put into my body. Recently, Sabra hummus has experienced a few recalls which is scary to me. I love hummus but I don’t wanna buy it from the store to find out it has contaminants in it. Yuck. I’m going to make some I know is healthy as well as tasty 😀

Lets get started.

First thing I did was wash my pepper then throw it in the oven on the top rack. I turned on the broiler and waited for it to blacken. I turned it over and over to make sure the whole thing had black on it. Once black, into a ziplock bag it went until it was cool enough to take the skin off and remove the seeds.

unnamed (4)

I threw it and all the other ingredients into my food processor

unnamed (5)

and let it go for a few minutes to make sure it was creamy and smooth enough.

unnamed (7)

Then my favorite part; the taste test. Mmmmmmm!! So good!

unnamed (8)

Don’t mind the picture I was trying to garnish with paprika but the fan was on so it looks more like an accident.

Here is the link to the original recipe I used. In fact, this whole blog is pretty amazing!

For those of you not familiar with Tahini,    unnamed (6) this is the one I use. When I first bought it, it was separated like paint. It needs to be stirred a super long time the first time you use it. So, if you are putting something together and you need tahini, give yourself time to stir it before you actually need it. I am not joking you need at least a half hour to get it all incorporated. But it is totally worth it. This stuff is so frickin good!


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