Pineapple Candy

Pineapple Candy

This is one of my favorites! Okay so you are wondering how this fits in with prepping and making sure we have enough food to eat when the prices go up or saving money in general. Well, in the event of the zombie apocolypse which arguable may already have happened, aren’t you still going to want candy? Isn’t your sweet tooth still going to pester you? I know mine will. So I am preparing for that cuz I know there is nothing worse than a nagging craving you can’t satisfy.

To make this amazing, delicious, yummy, goodness, I cut the outside of the  pineapple off like usual, then sliced it into about 1/4 inch thin slices (bite [big bite] size) and dipped them in lime juice (I was out of lemon). Then I spread them over the racks of my dehydrator and set the vent at 1. pineapple


The scraps couldn’t just go in the garbage! No that is bad! They went into my trusty pan with enough water to cover then I boiled them. pineapple scrap

I boiled them for about an hour maybe a little more. I separated the scraps from the juice then added a bunch of sugar to the juice; maybe a cup, and then a few tablespoons of lemon juice and brought it to a boil. Then I added some cornstarch to thicken it a bit. Sadly, it poured in too fast and now I have lumps. BUT! No worries! It still tasted delicious! I jarred it up Pineapple syrup

and am going to use it Saturday on pancakes with my mango sauce I made today! So many Nommy things going on around here!

unnamed (14)


This isn’t all the pineapple. Some is still drying 😉

One last thing. Before I did anything today, I cut the top off and put it in water. Someone said a pineapple can be rooted that way. We’ll see 🙂

Cost of pineapple $3

Update: I did another pineapple and forgot to dip in lime before putting the pieces on the racks. The pineapple candy was not nearly as good! So, having to use lime when I was out of lemon turned out to be a blessing and I won’t forget to dip in lime again!


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