My name is Tawna and I have decided I ought to just have a blog. I have discovered a passion for everything food as long as it is straight forward and easy. So far, I have posted all of my successes on facebook but I want a place to keep them all together so I can reference them later. And if someone likes what I post and learns a few things along the way, even better.

The name for my blog, I know, is a little different. But the food I prepare is not silver spoon worthy. Simple, easy, mostly natural and big enough portions to feed a family of five. I can’t afford to cook silver spoon meals. Shopping for groceries gets me down every time. The cost just to eat is out of control here in California and now with the drought complicating things for farmers, food is about to get more expensive. Seeing the coming crisis I bought two canners and a food dehydrator. I have yet to use the canners but plan to very soon as the weather is warming up and local farms will be open again. The next thing in my wish list is a food saver. I like to prepare meals ahead and freeze them for those days I just don’t have time to cook. Thank God for my two crock pots!

We are a very busy family with one income. I homeschool three different girls and they all have extracurricular activities for school as well as softball for the city. There are many nights my prefrozen to crockpot meals have saved us.

I hope you all find my blog to be informative and enjoyable. I hope you learn some cool things.

P.S. The drought in California is going to affect every other state in the union as we are the producers of 80% of the US food. If you haven’t already, go invest in food storage supplies and start preserving 🙂


4 thoughts on “Howdy!!!

  1. Ok I’m ready! I’m with you on the not being able to afford cooking expensive meals, I can’t wait to try your recipes!
    Laurie Chodzakewicz-Lloyd

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