Cilantro On Easter

Cilantro On Easter

Easter Sunday we had rain here in Redding and my cilantro was about to seed so I knew I had to cut it and do something with it before it all went south. In the cold, unpleasant rain, I went out to my tiny herb garden and cut all the long stocks and put them on a plate. I had no use for the cilantro at the moment and didn’t want it to go to waste. I got my trusty dehydrator out and some parchment paper cut to fit on the racks and loaded it up with all I cut. I was surprised that it dried so quickly! Only about four or five hours! I dumped the cilantro out onto wax paper then dumped that into my bullet and gave it a few whirls until it was all chopped up. I now have my first batch of dried cilantro in a jar ready for use.cilantro

I use a Ronco cheapy dehydrator for all of my drying and for the cilantro I set the vent to one so it was sorta like drying on medium high. I think I will be doing another batch tomorrow since the rain is making everything grow so fast here.

Cost of Cilantro plant  $3.00


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